PPC Marketing with Google AdWords

Harness the power of the world’s most effective advertising platform with Pay Per Click advertising.

What We Do

Create a blueprint for success with a custom crafted PPC campaign.

Custom Design

Build your campaign from the ground up.

Keyword Research

Find out what your users are looking for.

Ad Creation

Savvy design that gets noticed.

Bid Optimization

We work within your budget for maximum effect.

Data Analysis

See how your ads are performing in real time.

Ongoing Optimization

Tweak your campaign based on your performance metrics.

Let Our Digital Marketing Experts Craft the Perfect Campaign

You might think that with Pay Per Click advertising, the more you spend, the more value you will receive. The team at Jet Marketing has shifted this paradigm by carefully constructing campaigns using Google AdWords that have the power to make your money work harder. We have over a decade of experience in PPC marketing, and it shows.

PPC advertising gets your ads in front of the audiences who truly matter. Through smart design and continued optimization, it is easy to maximize your ROI in a very short amount of time.

Our strategy for PPC using Google AdWords is represented in our strong track record of bringing our customers success. Our ultimate goal is to create new, valuable leads by targeting the most effective markets. Enjoy better ad placement that gets your ads seen by the people who are already looking for your services, and generate new opportunities for sales with engaging content.

Our Latest Projects

Our work speaks for itself. See how our customers have benefited from our custom PPC marketing.

Answers to Your Questions

What is PPC marketing?

Pay Per Click marketing is the process by which the advertiser pays for each click generated through the display network.

Do keywords matter?

Yes. If you target common or competitive keywords, you will have to bid higher. With thorough keyword research, you can generate leads within your budget.

Can anyone use Adwords?

It is free to set up an account, but understanding the nuances of the system means that partnering with a PPC expert is a great recipe for success.

How do I know how much I have to pay?

You bid a certain amount of money for each keyword you target. The placement of your ad depends on how much you bid in comparison to how much other advertisers bid on the same keyword. It is easy to keep track of how well your ads perform based on your keyword and bid combination, and by tweaking and optimizing your targets and adspend based on performance metrics in conjunction with consultancy from your PPC expert, it is easy to see success.

Do I have to use Google AdWords?

No. There are many PPC platforms that you can target, such as Facebook advertising, which you can combine for a more robust approach.