1What does “Advertising & Marketing General Contractors” mean?
Just like the General Contractor that builds a house. He hires the best electrician, the best plumber, the best painter, the best carpenter, etc. We do the exact same thing with Marketing and Advertising. We hire the best web developers, the best Internet marketers, the best graphic designers, etc. to orchestrate the development and execution of any and all marketing & advertising campaigns. All managed by us – your agency.
2Will I ever have to talk to a JET Exclusive Partner?
No, never. That's part of our management process. We take care of all the Exclusive Partner Channel communications and all the solicitation inquiries.
3How often will we see you or a member of your company?
It really depends on the need, but no less than once per month we'll bring you campaign analytics. The numbers. You just can't make them up! More extensive campaigns will require more face to face time. Pick the package that works for you.
4Do you require a contract?
Yes, in order to get the best prices we offer. No, if you don't need bulk time but need us to manage a one-time campaign or do some sporadic consulting. That can simply be charged per project or per hour, depending on your needs.
5Do you work with competing companies?
No, we won't work with competitors* as long as you are on a year retainer/contract. If you are (on a contact), then you have locked out your competition. *competitors are considered in the same county only.
6Are your consulting fees the same as your Marketing Partner Packages?
No, consulting fees are based on a one-time/per hour basis. Marketing Partner Packages are discounted because they require a minimum one year contact.
7Do you build websites, do graphic design, internet marketing, etc.?
No, but we have Exclusive Partner Channels that do.Because of our extensive relationships with our Exclusive Partners, we are always negotiating wholesale rates for you!



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